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About Us

The Neutral Zone is a toy and gaming company with two stores in the St. Louis, Missouri area!

One store specializes in toys, games, cards and collectibles. Anchor offerings include: Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Marvel and D.C. toys; Yu-Gi-Oh, World of Warcraft and Magic: The Gathering Collectible/Trading Card Games (CCG/TCG's). We also feature a wide variety of statues, busts, figures and other collectibles from movies, tv, anime and more.

Our selection covers nearly 4 decades! From current toys all the way back to 1977 (vintage Star Wars.)

What's old is new again!

Our other store is dedicated to classic arcade games! With over 75 playable arcades, there's something for everyone! Classics like Donkey Kong, Dragon's Lair, Pac-Man, Galaga and more to great games like Tekken, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, X-Men, Defender, Cruisin USA and much more!

If you're looking to start or add to a game room, our arcades are for sale! You can also rent out the arcade for private parties.

The new storefront! Store guardian Classic NES to Marvel and Capcom

For store hours, addresses and directions, visit our Store locations page.


The Neutral Zone made it's debut in Missouri in 1995. Borne from many years of experience in the retail and collectibles industry, it was time Missouri enjoyed the fun and whimsy only The Neutral Zone can deliver!

Starting out with sports cards in a little kiosk, The Neutral Zone first appeared in Crestwood Mall. Over the years, we've moved a lot. Even changed from sports cards to comics and now to toys and games. But we never lost sight of our mission: have the best selection of collectibles in the area.

With so many years in retail, there was one frontier left we had not explored: the Internet! So in 2009, we opened an eBay storefront. It was a great start but even we needed more online space and an actual presence. So in 2010, we moved our iventory to our own website so anyone could have access to our hugh selection of toys.

To accomodate our massive inventory, we setup a space to serve as the warehouse for our online store just a few doors down from one of our earliest locations.

Running our retail store in Mid Rivers Mall, our eBay store and the new online store with its own warehouse as separate operations, we looked toward the future and realized everything would work better if it was all together. So we consolidated all 3 operations into one location based in St. Peters where our warehouse had been.

With our online store thriving, the physical location of our retail store no longer needed to stay fixed. When an opportunity appeared in 2011, we seized it and moved south next to the Antique Mall in South County.

It was around this time we began looking ahead to having a running arcade. We started collecting arcades and kept them in the back of our new store on Tesson Ferry.

We really loved our store on Tesson Ferry but we had one problem: space. We had such a small display space and no real room to run tournaments and realize our arcade.

So in 2012, an opportunity opened up that we could not pass up! A store with more than twice the space became available. We seized it and moved again northeast to a new location on Reavis Barracks Rd.

When the store opened, we started with around a dozen arcade games and the rest was reserved for toys. But over time, the arcades grew.

But even that store could not hold the awesomeness of The Neutral Zone. After almost a year, the arcades grew to 75 cabinets. With shrinking retail space for our toys but with tons of great items to sell, we decided it was time to expand even more.

In 2013, we reopened our Tesson Ferry location and made it our new toy and card game store and kept the Reavis Barracks location as our new Retro Arcade!

Now with TWO location in the St. Louis area, The Neutral Zone is better than ever! More toys! More games! More fun!